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He was drunk but wasn't under the influence of alcohol : Part II

Posted by Shreyans Jain Friday, 7 December 2012 0 comments
He was drunk but wasn't under the influence of alcohol : Part I

As he embarked on the way to the graveyard, he felt as if he was being chased by someone. Indeed, he was right in his perception when he felt the touch of a tail-like object. In a reflex he recoiled towards his left. It was a stray dog, a hungry black canine who had been following him in the anticipation of being offered his share of meal. At first, he decided to shoo away the dog by pelting stones at the malodorous creature but then suddenly his inner conscience was pricked and he hunkered down to feed him some biscuits.
Satisfying the hunger of a hungry soul and quenching the thirst of a thirsty soul are considered as great virtues in the Indian society.

The sky seemed darker than usual days, devoid of any stars and the illumination of the moonlight was rather dim. The winds roared wildly and swiftly like a beleaguered beast causing him to shiver, both with cold and fear. With an unsteady gait, he floundered to the graveyard, crushing dry leaves throughout his journey and humming a monotonous, albeit difficult song. Fear is a sensation that can make a student forget even simple answers during an examination while on the contrary can make a person recall the lyrics of even a difficult English song during testing times.
As he reached his destination, he encountered a watchman who was supposedly the guardian of the spirits resting in their respective coffins but ironically, was himself in a state of somnolence often, with a substandard cigarette ‘bidi’ clutched in his jaws and equipped with a bottle of indigenous liquor and a lantern in his hands.
What are u doing here at night, boy?” the watchman enquired, baffled.
Sirrr…” he stuttered, “to collect some samples”, he lied.
The watchman laughed monstrously hearing this.
So you want to dig the dead out to collect samples? I’ve never seen a student with such dedication. Get lost from here before I complain to your hostel warden”, he reprimanded, scratching his unshaved face and making rings with the smoke of his cigarette.
Siddharth remained silent. If he return without completing the task assigned to him,  he would land himself in trouble. Nor could he muster courage to complain to the authorities about the seniors. He took out some money from his pocket (sufficient to buy him a few new bottles of liquor) and greased the palm of the watchman.
You may collect as many samples as you want, sir”, the watchman nodded, sniffing the leaves that could keep his throat hydrated for the next couple of days.
In a nation where there is an outbreak of a new scam or scandal every other day, even an aam aadmi (common man) don’t hesitate to settle his disputes or get his work done by parting with some money.
He moved briskly into the graveyard. After a brief inspection, he could locate the grave he was looking for.
“ANTONIO GRAZA (1885-1925)”
‘To save your world you asked this man to die;   
Would this man, could he see you now, ask why?’,
the epitaph on his grave read.

He crouched down to clean the grave off the dry leaves, twigs and other waste that had piled on it over the years. What happened in the next few moments could neither be termed as supernatural nor could it termed as a paranormal activity. The events that unfolded were no less than a horror. As soon as he took out the nails and the hammer from his pocket, he started perspiring profusely. The fear and pressure that had surfaced in his mind were now trying to gush out. He felt choked and gasped for breath. In a flash, he thought of running away from that desolated, scary place.
As he got up to move away, his phone rang.

I walk a lonely road, the only road that I had ever known. I walk alone, I walk alone, I walk alone…’ was the caller tune.
So Mr. Siddharth, hopefully you have succeeded in locating the grave. Complete you task asap and return with a snapshot. We are waiting for you anxiously”, the voice on the opposite end roared.
Yes…Yes sirrr…, I am standing near the grave”, he replied.
Listen dude, I am a bird too old to be caught with chaff. No trick can deceive me. ”, the voice warned. “We will let you enjoy our company throughout your graduation years if you even think of… (Invectives used)”, the voice chortled.

These words came as a bolt from the blue for him who had decided to flee away from that spot. The conversation ended with this admonition. As he bent down to dig the nail, he almost yelled with shock. He could feel his heart throbbing and his pulse fastening. In that horrific and gloomy scenario, a pair of dark glowing eyes penetrated deep into his eyes. He fluttered at the very glimpse of this monster and immediately started crying for help. It was a close shave with the spectre of death.
In a trice he got up to run for his life, when he heard a shrill sound that resembled that of a cat. What had seemed so monstrous was a black cat that had inhabited that secluded place. Meow…meow…meow…the cat shrieked repeatedly. 
Not many people provide shelter to creatures that symbolise bad fortune or evil. He was overwhelmed with emotions, both bitter and sweet. But the ordeal had not yet ended. He conjured his spirit to action again.
Sorry Mr. ANTONIO GRAZA”, he apologised as he landed the first blow of the hammer to nail the coffin.

Such was the level of fear and anxiety that had clouded his mind that he was unaware of the fact that he had not dug the nail properly and more importantly forgot to capture a snapshot of the same. In his haste, as he got up to leave, he was pulled back towards the grave. He fell down so hard that the lantern crushed into pieces under his weight. Perhaps Mr. ANTONIO GRAZA had refused to accept hi apology, and he felt as if a hand had come out of the grave and clutched his left foot to drag him forcibly into the grave to the other world for this unpardonable sin that he had committed by disturbing a spirit. It is a well-established doctrine, ‘Humanity must perforce prey on itself’. 
He was drunk but was not under the influence of alcohol. He was aghast, bewildered, confounded, dumbstruck, electrified, flagger basted, horrified and immobilised to see the blood spilled over the coffin.
R.I.P. SiddharthOberoi”, were his last words as he suffered a heart attack and succumbed to his ordeal.

Ragging is a way of interaction between the senior and junior students that enables them to come close and know each other better. But in practice, it is disorderly conduct whether verbal, written or by an act which causes annoyance, hardship or psychological harm inflicted upon a student. The following day, newspaper sources revealed that ragging was once again responsible for the death of an innocent brilliant student.    
Although he was drunk, he wasn't under the influence of alcohol. In a traumatized state, he was unaware of the fact that he had dug his kurta and some part of the skin of his left thigh on the coffin. As he got up to leave, he was pulled back and he thought otherwise”, the newspaper quoted.
Somnolence coupled with extreme terror took their toll on him as he left for his heavenly abode”, it added.

What started as a prank by a few mischievous students in the name of ragging turned into a nightmare for an innocent student. Neither could they derive any fun, nor could they gain anything substantial by indulging in this fatal activity. It only led to more troubles and misery. Let us bring the menace of ragging to an end and stop inflicting ignominy on innocent students.
                                           SAY NO TO RAGGING.


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