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Breaking deafening silence with outrage : Part III

Posted by Shreyans Jain Saturday, 22 December 2012 0 comments
Breaking deafening silence with outrage : Part II

17 December, 2012: It has been a year since Mr. Srivastava initiated a quest to identify the reason behind such heinous crimes and seek ways to stem them; as yet another case of assault and brutal gang rape of a 23 year old physiotherapy student of Delhi has come into limelight. The brutality with which the heinous act was perpetrated in a moving bus has brought back the painful memories of similar incidents and the helplessness with which we tolerate them. As the entire nation is reflecting outrage, anguish and grief over the horrific rape and battery of the young woman, Mr. Srivastava once again finds himself back to the square one. Several questions remain unanswered, thus causing a deafening silence to prevail.

Does the grooming of young men to have a feeling of masculinity and entitlement erode the possibility of respect for women? Are women still seen as unwanted, burdensome and merely an object of lust and contempt? How does one account for the strange contrast between our outrage about rape and our remarkable unwillingness as a society to do actually nothing about it?

Even in the 21st century, girls are killed before birth, starved and neglected as infants, denied education, respect, safety, freedom, brought up to be bartered into marriage, assaulted and even raped!

Severe dearth of moral values, lack of faith in and the fear of god and the absence of fear of law have indeed triggered crime against women. Moreover, it is the perverted minds, stimulated by distorted sex literature that they wait for the moment to satiate their wild desires. Even nut and bolt measures, like enhanced funding for forensic investigations, upgrading training of police to deal with such crimes and post trauma support available to the victims, are conspicuous by their absence.

As the entire nation pray for the survival of the young woman and for the sins to visit upon the perpetrators with such vehemence that it will render all potential criminals incapable of even contemplating such an act, Mr. Srivastava pen down the following ten ways of punishing the guilty, that echo in the heart of every Indian and that have the potential to serve as a deterrent to those who dare to indulge in such barbaric acts:

1.  Rigorous life imprisonment. 
2.       Death sentence viz. the culprit should be hanged till death. 
3.       Castration of the culprit to leave him scarred for life. 
4.       To electrocute the culprit to death and make him experience the agony he inflicted upon the victim. 
5.       To stone the culprit to death and make him writhe in unbearable pain. 
6.       To expose the culprit to public scorn and let them decide his fate thereafter. 
7.       To force the culprit to sit on a fast unto death and let hunger embrace him in its arms. 
8.       To leash the culprit with a whip till all his 206 bones crack down to pieces. 
9.       To drench the culprit with an inflammable liquid and set him ablaze. 
10.   To shoot the culprit with a rifle and let his soul rot in a garbage bin.

The need of the hour is to shun the despicable notion that a woman’s body is the repository of family honour. It is high time for us to realise the need to inculcate and strengthen the moral values in the society, particularly the males. Let us pledge to bring an end to such spine-shilling crimes and award stringent punishment to those who try to outrage the modesty of a woman. Let us unite to fight for strict enforcement of laws and express our solidarity with the victims by participating actively in the nationwide candle vigils and protests that are being organised by various NGOs and activists for the aam aadmi.



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