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Breaking deafening silence with outrage : Part I

Posted by Shreyans Jain Saturday, 22 December 2012 0 comments
The Mayan’s prophesy of the destruction of the world and the much awaited apocalypse on December 21, 2012 did sweep the world. The world survived the ‘doomsday’ but humanity didn’t.

This is an account of various incidents in which attempts were made to outrage the modesty of women at the hands of some inhuman, perverted minds who aim to satiate their evil desires and leave their victim scarred for life.
A few fictional characters have been referred to in the text to make it more vivid and appealing to the reader. The text aims to sensitise the readers towards the plight of females in the patriarchal society and what we as an aam aadmi can do to curb the menace of crime against women.

11 December 2011: It was a bright Sunday afternoon. The warm sunlight was engaged in a combat with the chill that has prevailed in the environment. The abominable lull broke repeatedly as birds chirped and paced across the canvass of crisp blue sky. Swarms of people had gathered in the Central Park, Connaught Place during the lunch time to share their tiffin as well as their views and feelings on mundane issues of daily life. As the ladies complained about the burden of daily chores on their shoulders, their male counterparts engaged in discussion of ways to make quick and big money in order to purchase a new house or a new vehicle and improve their family’s standard of living. Some were busy sharing their wisdom on the recent fashion trends, the bullish-bearish ride of the stock market, while many others showered their critical views on their autocratic employers, nagging wife or mother-in-law.

As the people continued to blather, Mr. Aditya Srivastava, an eminent journalist associated with an English news channel, got up to leave for his work viz. the task of enlightening the masses with the latest breaking news. This time he was supposed to cover the inauguration ceremony of a fleet of DTC buses to be flagged off by the Chief Minister of Delhi. His team had already reached the venue to set their paraphernalia in order.

The busy roads of CP were choked with traffic. Cops could be seen everywhere making a great show of regulating traffic, gesticulating wildly and barking orders into their hand-held microphone. In such a scenario, Mr.Srivastava decided to commute by the Delhi Metro. As he paced towards the Rajiv Chowk Metro station, he was constantly being summoned on phone by his colleagues to reach the desired destination on time. Everywhere people could be seen rushing, some towards the train while others towards the escalators lift and ticket counters.
Sometimes it is curious to see some ignorant people waving their hand to the driver or chasing the train wildly as if it won’t stop! The train did stop as Mr. Srivastava boarded the second coach.

In spite of all the warning being displayed in the Metro premises and the announcements being made in succession by the security personnel, some people have an inherent tendency of flouting the rules by playing music, by consuming eatables or by displaying their photography skills inside the moving train. Nevertheless, the journey is still far comfortable and ‘paisa-wasool’ than the treacherous and tiring journey of a bus creeping at a snail’s pace on the roads.

The train had gathered velocity as the first announcement was sounded:
Your attention please: First cart in the moving direction is reserved for ladies. Male passengers are requested not to board the coach reserved for ladies. Doing this is a punishable offense. Thank you.

Suddenly, Mr. Srivastava noticed a young man straddle the coach reserved for ladies and the one meant for general public. Even more shocking was the fact that this man was trying to capture the snapshots of the innocent and ignorant female passengers on his cell phone by pretending to text a message.

Bhaisahab, please be seated here”, Mr. Srivastava requested the man in a soft and polite tone as he got up from his seat, lest he would continue with his visual assault of the female passengers.
Instead of expressing gratitude towards the journalist for his kindness, this man rebuked him by saying, “…(invectives used) Tumhari kuch lagti hai kya? Dimaag kharab na karo mera…chup chaap taadne do fir. (Are you in a relationship with any of these ladies? Then don’t enrage me and let me ogle at the ladies).
What a pest you are brother!” Mr. Srivastava reprimanded as he caught hold of the miscreant creature. Within a few moments the alarm was sounded and he was handed over to the security personnel at the following Metro station.

This is one of those incidents that are encountered often in daily life but go unreported in most of the cases. Either the fellow passengers are not manly enough like Mr. Srivastava to get the offenders punished or they are too preoccupied with their own engagements that they turn a blind eye to such incidents unless they fall prey themselves.


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