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Donning the role of matador

Posted by Shreyans Jain Sunday, 7 October 2012 0 comments

Seeing it as a cesspool that only the irredeemably venal plunge into,

He gibed at politics, launching scathing blows in his impromptu;

In an environment contaminated by money and corporate interests,

He was held in scorn and pushed to abyss amidst social & political unrest;

A spirit with a spark, whose objective and credibility were being tested,

He was strongly determined to strip the nation off the maladies & the morbid;

A soul that had endured all pains and pleasures to ameliorate the nation,

He vowed to bring an inspirational change with his derisive agitation;

Citing examples of failed movements, the critics tried to belittle his action,

But he was pragmatic in his approach, embarking on the way to his destination;

In a nation struggling with scams, teeming with ‘bulls’ fed with illegal fodder,

He posited an egalitarian rule of the cognizant, donning the role of a matador;

Garnering sensational support, he strengthened the social fabric of the country,

Lighting up the darkness, he whittled down the painful sufferings and misery.



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