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Cracking the whip like never before : Part I

Posted by Shreyans Jain Saturday, 5 January 2013 0 comments

The year 2012 ended with an incident of one of the most barbaric crime against women, leaving behind extremely bitter memories and provoked unparalleled indignation throughout the nation. Even a whisper of attention to the news of brutal assault and subsequent murder of the young woman, ‘Nirbhaya’ in the Capital scares one out of his/her skin. The gruesome incident has yet again reiterated the fact that the graph plotting the crime rate in India is attaining steeper and steeper slope over recent decades. Almost every leading newspaper and magazine seems to be inundated with the news of crime in one part of the country or the other. 

As the nation plunges into darkness, the lawmakers and the so called moral guardians continue to fetch false assurances of a ‘brighter’ tomorrow, sparing the aam aadmi with no other alternative than to seek solace in the shadows of divinity to avoid being the next victim.

What is the root cause of crime? What madness, what violent rage creates such a fury in the blood of an individual who carries out a rampage in the society and jeopardise his own life as well as those of his victim(s)? Is crime a source of pleasure for such insane people? Is crime the only vehicle to establish one’s supremacy in the society?

Well, certainly not. Let us analyse a few issues that pertain to the origin of crime in the society. 
Primarily, the sociological difference between a male and a female child is perhaps the main reason for the miserable plight of the ‘fair sex’.
Ironically, a nation that worships Goddesses with great reverence fails to protect the life of female fetuses. Those who survive this wrath are left in the murk to face discrimination, exploitation and intimidation at the hands of the ‘wolves’ prowling the streets. Since birth, a male child is exposed to an upbringing in a manner to ingress a sense of dominance and masculinity. When these ‘supreme gifts’ grow up, they tend to prove their supremacy by indulging in crime against women in the society.

Secondly, poverty, lack of access to resources and temptation towards a life of glamour drive an individual to take to crime. A person who grows up in such a hostile environment, facing discrimination throughout his life tends to develop a feeling of hatred and resentment against the society, accusing others for all his miseries. Devoid of any moral values, such individuals feel envious of other’s success and feel that attacking them for money is the only way to fulfil their whims and choices. This category of people resort to various anti-social activities ranging from peddling drugs to smuggling illegal weapons.

Thirdly, the perverted minds that have no respect for the Indian culture tend to be the most lethal sliver. Easy access to distorted literature, pornography, alcohol and other tobacco products felicitate them to develop a regressive mind-set and they are in constant anticipation of a chance to satiate their evil desires. From cyber-crimes to harassment and assault of females in particular in public places, these anti-social elements cause irreparable damage to the society.

Fourthly, those who feel alienated from their communities or isolated from the society as a whole collude to form various factions. Exposure to hate speeches, highly provocative, inflammatory and chauvinistic views strips such deviants off their moral character. Such forces tend to fuel crime to thrive in the society.

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