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Which political party should I vote for

Posted by Shreyans Jain Wednesday, 27 November 2013 0 comments

Elections are an integral part of any democratic framework. They empower the electorate to vote in favour of a candidate they wish to be their representative and vote against a candidate who they find unscrupulous, callous and ignorant of their expectations. Elections thus ensure that sound governance is provided to the citizens and help in maintaining a state of equality in the distribution of power. But is changing players the only solution to maintain political and economic stability in a country? Isn’t changing rules of the game an imperative today? Can’t the status quo itself be challenged? Why do the poor, the dispossessed and the discriminated have to face the brunt of miseries when their very ‘own’ legislators have formulated several policies for their progress and empowerment?

The real trouble lies with the present system that offers several hindrances to the growth and development of our country. These problems manifest themselves in the innumerable ways in which the elections have been reduced to merely a game of money and muscle power dominated by avaricious politicians who have not once but on several occasions tried to bend the rules of this ‘game’ in their favour and have let their morbid and obnoxious thoughts prevail on the saner ones. They have not only encroached upon our precious resources- both money and manpower but have also tried to bargain the conscience of the voters by offering them largesse in terms of freebies. What an irony! A laptop or a smartphone in the hands of a student signify his/her access to higher education the infrastructure and the administration the school/college that forms the backbone of this ‘transformation’ process are lying in a poor state of affairs and crying for upgradation.

It is therefore, incumbent on us as voters to think no twice, not thrice but several times before we cast our valuable vote. In a democracy, every vote counts and each vote carries equal weight irrespective of the voter’s caste, religion, sex, educational qualification and so on. We must ensure that only the honest and the most dedicated candidate is voted to power as our representative. It is necessary to seek answers to the following questions before we arrive at a decision to vote for a particular candidate: 
1. Does my representative has the required knowledge about my area in terms of its size, population density, sex ratio, number of schools/colleges, community halls and other infrastructural facilities? 
2. Is my representative aware of the expenditure that has been incurred on various development activities and the distribution of funds among various departments? 
3. Does my representative know about the Bills that have been introduced in the past and the response of the public to new policies and formulations? 
4. Is my representative aware of his role as an elected member and his responsibilities towards the people of his constituencies?
5. Does my representative have any criminal record or has he faced any penal action in the past? Is there any unlawful case pending against him?
6. How will my representative address the vital issues like clean water supply, electricity supply, safe and efficient waste disposal and management and so on.
7. How will my representative ensure that the benefit of government schemes reach only the targeted beneficiaries in his constituency? How will he curb fake enrolment on voter rolls and duplication of identity of an individual?
8. How will my representative control the rate of crime in the society? What role does he intend to play to bring about a positive change in the people’s mind-set.

When a candidate is voted to power, the lives of all the citizens in general and those of the people of his constituency in general are affected. Only a positive attitude coupled with a burning desire to work for the welfare of the society can transport a country to the wagon of progress. Often it is not the policies that are wrong; what is wrong is the way they are implemented. Therefore, we need the best legislators and the best executives if we are to ensure proper and effective implementation of government policies and efficient utilisation of taxpayer’s money. changing player is not the solution always; at times we need to change the rules of the game.


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