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Why India needs MODI-fication

Posted by Shreyans Jain Sunday, 14 July 2013 0 comments

In the last decade of its governance, the UPA government has been struggling with scams and scandals and has failed to provide sound governance and economic growth. It has been unabashedly defending its economic policies and the allegations of corruption and embezzlement against its key ministers. Rising inflation, falling rupee and the lack of accountability has beleaguered the citizens of India who have been mute spectators to this nightmare. No doubt the criminals are prowling the streets with impunity in this 'holistic' environment.

With the 2014 Lok Sabha elections approaching, there is a huge clamour in the media about Mr. Narendra Modi’s (henceforth referred to as NaMo) capabilities to turn the tables on the UPA government. Arguably, NaMo presents a sound and convincing candidature at a time when the entire nation is gurgling with scams and scandals. Let us consider the following arguments for NaMo being a ‘suitable’ prime ministerial candidate:

1. The citizens of India are deeply anguished and disgruntled at the inefficiency of the present dispensation. Not only has the present government failed in achieving its objectives for high economic growth and development, it has become complacent after winning elections in succession. Little has it realised, it seems, that its triumph was less because of its own propaganda and more because of infighting and differences among the opposition parties.

2.  There aren’t many alternatives for a suitable Prime Minister. The present party projects a reluctant dynast on one hand and an ageing economist on the other. One is still struggling with his philosophy of India being a beehive and power being poison while the other seems to have succumbed to his reticence. As far as other political parties are concerned, most of them are confined to their respective states and are devoid of any significant achievement or ideology at the national level.

3.  With their own hands dipped in blood, those in opposition to NaMo have been shamelessly playing the communal card. Some of them have themselves been involved in communal pogroms and many others have criminal cases pending against them, but they are bent upon vilifying NaMo and disproving his secular credentials. Neither the findings of SITs nor the judgements of the High Courts seem to satisfy them.

4.  The 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat riots is an indelible blot on the history of perhaps the most progressive state of India. But NaMo must be appreciated for allowing an unprejudiced investigation and bringing the ‘culprits’ to book. A 17% share in the Muslim vote and a victory in the Assembly elections for three successive terms is indeed a slap in the face of those who boast of their secular credentials but are oblivious to the plight of the minorities in their own states and the ways in which they are discriminated and butchered.

5.  India has not witnessed any significant shift in its electoral dynamics largely because of dynastic politics. Be it Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar or Tamil Nadu, the leaders have meticulously ensured that the power is transferred into the hands of their children in successive terms. As a result, the political mechanism has been profoundly affected by the vested family interests of the concerned political parties. NaMo ‘fortunately’ does not have a family to promote.

6.  NaMo not only have a decisive personality, he is assertive as a leader and efficient as an administrator. No major scam broke out in the last decade of his governance. He has a vision for India and a clear roadmap to achieve his goals. He has brought the state of Gujarat to the altar of high economic growth and development. He has fought brilliantly against poverty, unemployment and malnutrition.

It is high time we elect a government to power that can rid India of poverty, unemployment and malnutrition. A leader who can embark the nation on the trajectory of high economic growth and development is the need of the hour. We need a leader who can exercise his power for public welfare and development, who has a clear vision for India and most importantly a leader who can rise and think above trivial political quagmires to restore our identity as Indians.


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